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The informal style of our menu, largely cooked over a charcoal fire, is suited for sharing and perfect for socialising. Showcasing the finest Mediterranean flavours with rustic and healthy qualities from the land and sea. 

The way of life within the Mediterranean has for centuries held cooking and eating as intensely social activities, with certain dishes holding tradition and culture within them. Their societies are family based, which is where real cooking can be found at its purest.

Our restaurant near Liverpool street station provides a fresh setting where delicious food full of history can be shared with friends and family. 


Meet Our Head Chef

Head Chef Dalila Ragone’s cooking is about passion, tradition and creativity. She was born in the Southern Italian town of Foggia in Puglia, a culinary rich region with great biodiversity.


Moving to London she began to embrace a diverse range of influences, most notably working with Nikkei cuisine in Sushi Samba and then eventually to Tom Dixon's Coal Office. It was here she met renowned chef Assaf Granit (owner of  The Palomar / The Barbary), who introduced her to a new world of flavours inspired by the traditions, spices and colours of the Middle East.


This led Dalila back to her roots, where Italian food, so famous and appreciated worldwide, has been influenced by so many other Mediterranean traditions. From Italy's historical conquests throughout the region, to the Arab invasions of Sicily and southern Italy. It is now as Head Chef of Cafè Luca that she has found the perfect place to transform her experiences into reality.


In her kitchen, we find Middle Eastern techniques and spices alongside Italian food and products. Dalila works to serve the perfect blend of tastes and colours, to donate to her customers not only a meal but a journey into the Mediterranean.